Brood Bitches

Wire Smooth

"Inca v. d. Bismarckquelle" 66 3250
Doppel- and Derbysiegerin

Inca was a.o. the mother of
"Graf v. d. Bismarckquelle" - Sieger a. Derbysieger,
"Gräfin v. d. Bismarckquelle" - 3 x Sieger a. Derbysieger
and the grandmother of the legendary
"Vasko v. d. Bismarckquelle" - Deutscher, Luxemburgischer a. Internationaler Champion, 3 x Sieger, Verbands-, Bundes- a. Weltsieger, Bauhund Fuchs, Bauhund Dachs.

She had a lasting influence on our breeding and put and has contributed decisively to our subsequent breeding successes.

Today our trust and hopes lie in the following Wire and Smooth Bitches.
Picture: Inca v. d. Bismarckquelle

Fox Terrier-Kennel "von der Bismarckquelle", Axel Möhrke, Home: