The Fox Terrier

Photo: Mondo v. d. Bismarckquelle The Fox Terrier is a self-confident, robust but sociable dog, that is intelligent, happy with his work, physically fit and mentally well balanced. He is good-natured, fond of children and alert at the same time.
He is free of breed-specific diseases and because of his size the optimal dog for the house, car and holidays.


Bild: Jula v.d. Bismarckquelle The origin of the Fox Terrier is hunting in the fox-earth (terra = earth). Even nowadays he is used as an all-round Hunting Dog.

His nice appearance and his friendly character have made him very popular as a Pet as well. As Family Dog he is the best playmate for children, an amusing companion for the family and often the only true friend of elderly people.
Bild: Kinder unter sich Due to his flexibility and friendly temperament the Fox Terrier is used as Rescue Dog, Therapy Dog and Agility Dog.

Fox Terrier-Kennel "von der Bismarckquelle", Axel Möhrke, Home: