History of the Kennel

In the first decades of the last century my father, Friedrich Möhrke, lays the foundation-stone of the Fox Terrier Kennel in our family.

1914 He breeds "real" Fox Terriers, who ignore the poultry, but kill the vermin.
1934 Photo: Family picture I am born in Stettin and raised in Pomerania. After being expelled from our home we live in Mecklenburg together with our Smooth and Wire-Fox Terrier. The first thing I did with them is hunt foxes.
After leaving Eastern Germany our family finally finds our first "doggy" home in Westfalia and starts from scratch. The Wire "Cora v. d. Mühlenstraße" from hunting lines is the foundation bitch for our breeding program in Western Germany. The CC winning wire bitch "Gloria v. Emstal" from Top show lines, is the foundation for our show dogs. Photo: Boy - The first Wire
"Boy" - our first English dog in "pomeranian trim"
1954 Photo: The Well calles after Bismarck The prefix is internationally protected for my father from the - Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

The name "Bismarckquelle" is from a place that was beautifully situated in a little Beechwood. In 1900 this place was named after Bismarck and was a well known place for school excursions for many years. The "Bismarckquelle" is next to the river Oder (today known as Polen) - unfortunately it is not in good shape, but we remember how it was, in all it's beauty.
1961 Since we refuse to breed dogs without appropriate facilities, we had to search for many years to find a suitable property with plenty of space for the dogs. This house we found in Dortmund-Kley.
1963   My father dies suddenly and unexpectedly before reaching retirement age that was supposed to give him more time for his dogs. I inherited his passion and go on breeding to build upon his work.
In the following years, I work on getting good stock, and manage to get to the Top after eleven years of hard work.
1965 The first homebred Smooth dog "Quax" in one year wins in Doppel, Derby, and Bundessieger.
1968 Photo: Marriage of Elke and Axel Möhrke
After the marriage with Elke Becker from Berlin we work very successfully together.

Photo: Shared success A solid breeding programme with good stock and well planned breedings proves most successful. Our dogs win continuously and make the kennel well known throughout the world. There is almost no title, that has not been won yet!

Photo: Christine Schupfner with Marc v. d. Bismarckquelle Christine Schupfner moves into our house and is then very close with our dogs. She is still a very reliable support in our team.

Without her some things would not be possible!
Photo: Judge Axel Möhrke I become a judge for Fox Terrier.

Photo: Judge Elke MöhrkeToday my wife Elke and daughter Carola are judges as well.
1973 Photo: Axel Möhrke with Vasko v.d. Bismarckquelle Our Smooth dog "Vasko v. d. Bismarckquelle" wins (apart from many other titles) the first World Champion title for our kennel. Many more have followed since.
1977   Photo: Elke Möhrke with Dark v.d. Bismarckquelle In Herning/Dänemark we win three World Champion titles and the Wire dog "Dark v. d. Bismarckquelle", wins "Best in Show" with an entry of almost 4.000 dogs.
1980 Photo: Wire, Smooth and and twolegged offspring For the necessary expansion of our breeding facilities we buy a farm house in the "Münsterland". The "Eichenhof" in Dülmen is perfect in size and location and gives ideal opportunities for our "two and fourlegged" offspring.
1981 Manuela de la Rosa, married Weiß, joins us and learns everything about Fox Terriers. She trims, handles, becomes a hunter, breeder and judge for Fox Terrier.
1984 Juha Palossari (Starring), later Molly Nyman (Texforrier) from Finland and Ilaria Tornelli (Del Cardinale) from Italy increase temporarily our team, improve their German and their trimming and are now Top Breeders of Fox Terrier in their home countries.
1986 Photo: Junior Handling Crufts Photo: Junior Handling Crufts Daughter Carola wins the first German "Junior Handling" finals and flies to London to the international Junior-Handling final, that takes place at Crufts Dog Show in London.
1989 bis 1993 Photo: Daughter Carola with Flash v.d. Bismarckquelle With the first dog of her own - "Flash v. d. Bismarckquelle" - Carola goes to the U.S.A. and improves her trimming and handling by working with the Professional Handlers Wood Wornall and Peter Green.
She manages to make Flash an American Champion.
After this title, Flash becomes World Champion 1991 in Dortmund where he was also BOB and third in the Terrier group. In the following years he becomes the most successful dog of our kennel with the most international Champion titles.
As a Stud Dog he has a strong influence on our breeding, many of our Top Dogs today go back to Flash.
1997 Carola finishes studying at the Veterinary School in Hannover qualifying as a Vet and opens with her husband a private practice in Dortmund. From now on, they take care of the medical needs of our dogs.
1998 Photo: Corinna with Vaedra v.d. Bismarckquelle Daughter Corinna qualifies with her bitch "Vaedra v. d. Bismarckquelle" for the German Agility-National Team and starts at the World Championship in Maribor/Slowenia.
2002 After 50 years of work, almost thirty years for the German Fox Terrier Club, I am now retired and am able to devote all my time to my hobby - the Fox Terrier and to my first grandchild.
Bild: Enkel mit Hunden im Bollerwagen
2008 Gold Award d. Poln. Kennelklubs für Axel Möhrke Golden Honour Prize of the Polish Kennel Club for longtime outstanding success in breeding our loved fox terrier "von der Bismarckquelle".
2009 Bild: Kinder mit Drahthaar Foxterrier All of our three grandchildren agree with us in loviing our foxterrier!

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